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Posted by Siri Vajirarama Dhamma School. on Saturday, November 12, 2016
The Library –in commemoration of Most Ven.Naradha Maha Thero (නාරද නාහිමි ගුණ අනුස්මරණ පුස්තකාලය)

This library which was established in 1989 is a valuable souvenir of former principal late Mr. Sirimevan Piyasingha’s golden era. The Sinhalese Literacy Association of Sri Vajirarama Dhamma School in 1989 by the hands of Hon. Late President Mr. Ranasinghe Premadasa.

The library having a collection of an overall of more than 12000 books, fulfilling all sections has provided a valuable knowledge to students, teachers and the Venerable Sangha for our 25 years.

Among these books a vast collection is very old books which are valuable in content and rare to find are available in this library for the knowledge of students of Sri Vajiraramaya.

The Herbal Garden (ඔසු උයන)

The Herbal garden of Siri Vajirarama Dhamma School was commenced on the 15th of September under the patronage of the Ministry on indigenous medicines in Sri Lanka and the Ayuevedha Department in Sri Lanka. The honor of planting the first medicinal herb was undertaken by honorable mention Vice Principal of Sri Vajirarama Dhamma School Mrs. Srima Hagoda. The Herbal Garden was developed by the students, teachers and parents of Sri Vajirarama Dhamma School.

The herbal Garden was declared open on the 17th of September 2015 by Most Ven.Thirikunamale Ananda Maha Nayaka Thero and Principal Ven.Kamburugamuwe Mahanaga Thero. The main objective of this Herbal Garden is to give a vast knowledge of herbal plants and their medicinal uses to treat various diseases and to secure the indigenous medicines of Sri Lanka and pass on the knowledge to the future generation.

Presently he Herbal Garden consists of over 60 different medicinal herbs and are under the nurture of the students of grade 4 and 5.