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Vajirarama Dhamma School Building Project

Seeking your kind assistance to improve Siri Vajirarama Daham Pasela

Vajiraramaya founded by the Most Venerable Pelene Siri Vajiranana Maha Nayaka Thera in 1901 at Bambalapitiya came to be recognized as a premier Buddhist temple not only in Sri Lanka but the world over. The learned monks and the Sinhala Buddhist laity at the time realized the need for their Buddhist children who got an English education in missionary schools, to learn the Dhamma in a Buddhist environment. They were able to realise this goal due to the presence of Pelene Maha Nayaka Thera and the Narada Thera, who was quite young at the time, at Vajiraramaya. A Dhamma class which was started with a few children was established as the 'Vajiraraman Daham Pasela' in 1918. On the staff of the Dhamma Pasela were the Most Venerable monks - Narada Maha Thera, Kamurugamuwe Mahanaga Maha Thera, Madihe Pannasiha Maha Nayaka Thera, Piyadassi Maha Thera, Pamburana Metteyya Thera and Ampitiye Sri Rahula Maha Thera, among others. Some of the old pupils of the school are today holding high positions in the political scene, state administration, public and private sectors and the judicial service bringing honour to the Vajirarama Dhamma School. Today there are 102 teachers on the staff with a student population of nearly 2500. As pronounced by Aggamahapanditha Most Venerable Madie Pannasiha Maha Nayaa Thera, the staff of the Dhamma school is guided by five principles n teaching and disciplining the students. They are:

  1. Lead the children to venerate the deities, parents, teachers and elders.
  2. Discipline them to lead a simple life and to live in harmony.
  3. Teach them to be restraint and to be disciplined, and foster knowledge of the Dhamma.
  4. Encourage them to recite Buddhist stanzas and observe the Five Precepts regularly, and obserbe the Eight Precepts on Poya days.
  5. Help to develop a younger generation with a love for the religion, a feeling to be patriotic and passion for the national language.

Siri Vajirarama Daham Pasela with such a proud history was administered up to now with minimum facilities and on a limited budget. Due to lack of space, classes are held even n the garden and along the passages in the temple with students sitting on mats. It is time that better facilities are provided to encourage the children to take a liking towards Buddhist education and to increase the numbers who will benefit by attending thr Daham Pasela.

Having considered the limitations of space and the need to guide the younger generation on the right path, the Karya Sadhaka Samitiya of Siri Vajiraramaya has started construction work on a four storied building. It is estimated that it will cost around 44 million rupees.

Since expenditure on Buddhist education through Dhamma schools is a valuable and worthwhile investment, we earnestly seek your/your institution's valuable assistance towards the project.  We shall value your contribution very much as it will help towards achievement of the Maha Nayaka Thera's vision of developing the country while developing the individual.

For further details on providing material or financial help, please contact:

  • Mr Sandun Abeywardean, Hony. Secretary, Siri Vajirarama Karya Sadhaka Society (Tel: 0777781455)
  • Ms Pushpa Jayawardena, Hony. Secretary, Siri Vajirarama Sasana Sevika Samitiya (Tel: 0757209209)
  • Mr. Piyasena, Manager, Siri Vajirarama Office (Tel: 0115230475)
Account No: 0009759770 – Bank of Ceylon, Bambalapitiya

Swift code: BCEYLKLX


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